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Telegram is a free messaging app that has attracted many users in the last years. Its user-friendly interface and multiple options have made it a useful platform for promoting businesses. Considering channels in telegram 3 million members, underestimating the power of Telegram would be naïve. Reaching Telegram's youthful, energetic would be of enormous help for start-ups and newly-found businesses. With telegram, you can introduce your products and chat with your clients on one platform.

Creating a business telegram channel could be the turning point of your business. So how are you going to create a telegram channel for business? Based on the system you're using, you will have to follow the following steps:

Step one: whether you're creating your channel from your android or IOS phone or working with laptop, choose one of the methods below:

IOS: Go to Chats tab, tap the New Message icon in the top-right corner and choose New Channel option.

Android: Go to Chats list and tap the pencil icon. Choose ‘New Channel’.

Desktop: Tap menu in the top-left corner and choose New Channel option.

Step two: The next step is to choose about the status of your channel. Do you want your channel to be public or private? 

If your channel is public, users can find it by searching the username on telegram and also in web and join it via the channel link. So anybody can join a public channel.

But if you make your channel private, nobody can join it via a link. All members are added only by you. Don’t worry, if you change your mind later on, you can add your channel link to your private channel and make it public.

Step three: Add members to your channel. Start from your contacts. Add them and ask them to add theirs.

All set! Your business telegram channel is ready to take off!



Some important points to keep in mind when setting up a business telegram channel

The design of your channels first thing that leaves an impression on visitors is the design of your channel. Although what you produce and your content strategy are crucial to members, you need to pay attention to the design of your channel when setting up a telegram business channel. The design of your channel mostly consists of:

The name you choose for your channel: you must choose a name that is clear, bold and interesting. Try to use 1-3 words for this.

The bio of your channel: try to use a clear, short sentence that briefly explains what you do in your channel. The character limit for a bio in a telegram is 250, but try to fit it into 200 characters.

Your profile picture: here, it will be of enormous help if you could hire a graphic designer. A neat, modern, beautifully designed logo will leave a very good impression of your channel on visitors.

  • The use of hashtags

Hashtags are crucial for finding posts on social media. If you add hashtags to your posts, they're more likely to be found. It's very important for a business telegram channel because more people will visit your channel this way.

  • Use of polls and competitions

Considering you're going to set up a business telegram channel, polls will be vital to the success of your business. It will help you a lot to learn about your client opinions and make changes the way they desire. To get best result, try to buy Telegram members and post views. You could also set up a competition, ask your members to share it and give the winners a prize. This way many others will also want to join your channel.

  • Stick to your content strategy

- Do not post irrelevant posts and too much promotions posts.

- Try to provide content according to the purpose of your channel.

- Do not prefer quality to quantity when it comes to producing content.

- Do not upload posts in the middle of the night or 8 in the morning.

Use bots in your telegram business channel

Bots can be helpful especially if you have created your channel recently. Newly-set telegram business channels would benefit a lot from using bots for scheduling publications, making more attractive posts, monitoring the statistics of the channel and interact with members. You can use two sorts of bots for a telegram business channel:

External bots: these bots are usually added to the channel as admins and are used for managing the channel.

- @controllerbot: is a great tool for scheduling posts, managing statistics and enable voting with emojis in pools.

- @botfather can be used to create auto-reply flows, inform and advising your clients.

- @vote is a perfect bot that could make setting up polls very easy for you.

- @livegrambot responds to messages from your subscribers, provides newsletters and presents important statistics of your business telegram channel.

- @chotamreaderbot allows you to transfer content from the web to your telegram channel in instant view format.

- @TGStat_Bot helps you gather statistics from your channel and compare it with your competitors.

Inline bots: these bots are not added to the channel but directly called in using commands.

- @like allows adding emojis to the options when setting a poll. This way your members can express their views using emojis.

- With @vote you can set up polls and competitions with up to 10 answers. You can also close the voting whenever you desire.

- @groupagreebot is used for personal surveys where you can view who has voted what.



How to promote your business using telegram?

Telegram provides a wide range of opportunities, this is why many businesses and companies nowadays use telegram to stay in touch with their customers and promote their business. if you haven’t already got a telegram channel for your business, read for yourself why must do so ASAP:

Online ordering

Telegram provides you with the opportunity to present your products and chat with your clients all in one place. It's amazing to think that your clients don’t have to struggle to contact you through other platforms. They will touch on the username and the conversation will start!

Processing customer feedback

As we said earlier, there are many bots on telegram ready to help you with the statistics on your channel. Amazingly, you don’t have to pay someone to do this for you. It will decrease your costs enormously.  

Having a telegram business channel will increase the traffic of your main website

If your channel is public, whatever activity you do in your telegram business channel will affect also on your website. When you want to get free Telegram subscribers for channel with the same name as your website, is doing perfectly fine and staying at the top of the search results in Google, it will benefit your website.

7/24 customer support

Well, you cannot always be available throughout the day. Who will do this on your behalf? Bots! Yes, as we said earlier, they can be a massive help in regards to sending auto-replies to your subscribers. It gets even better when you think that you will also be able to respond to your clients who live in a different time-zone.

Promoting your products

It's a free way of promoting your products. Even if you don’t have many members, it will still be beneficial to have a few extra customers.

Improving your brand image

By creating a telegram business channel and publishing high-quality content, you will reach a different customer base. By setting up competitions, explaining your goal and your brand and having one-on-one chats with customers, they will trust you more and have a better impression of your brand.

Telegram stickers

Telegram lets you create your stickers and use it in your channel. This is perfect for your brand image and will appeal to those customers who would like a bit of creativity and color in their feed.

Earning money through promotions

Big channels on telegram promote other channels in exchange for a noticeable amount. This will be a great way to earn money especially for start-ups and newly-set businesses. Once you reach a big number of members, many channels will be on the line to pay you to promote their channels.

It does not require any space for media

Telegram is a completely cloud-based app that will not take any space in your phone's memory or on your laptop unless you want to download them. It's a very important aspect because many users tend to delete apps that take a lot of space on their phones.


Telegram provides a lot of opportunities and facilities to those willing to create a business telegram account. With the help of various bots, you won't even need an assistant to publish posts, reply to customers and process statistics. It's all in telegram for free! Creating a business telegram account will come with many benefits including reaching a new customer base, increasing traffic to your website and improving your brand image. Do not hesitate! Create a telegram account for your business and start chatting with your customer, promoting your products, setting up polls and most importantly earning money right now!

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