A Must-Have Bokeh Video Application for YouTubers

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As a YouTuber, displaying good, interesting and quality videos is mandatory. To make it, you can use the following bokeh video application

Most of the bokeh video applications offer a wide selection of filters and focus effects. This is so that the audience can see the main object. The use of the bokeh effect itself is more attached to DSLR cameras. However, this does not only apply to expensive cameras.

But with the help of a smartphone, you can also present interesting photos or videos. Like the appearance of the background, blurring or bokeh.


List of Must-Have Bokeh Video Applications for YouTubers

Visiting the YouTube application, you will definitely find various videos that are very interesting and not boring, right? This, of course, also comes from the struggle of YouTubers who are trying their hardest to be able to present interesting shows.

Do you know? Not all of the YouTubers today use expensive cameras. However, the use of smartphones is also not an obstacle. Of course the reason is because of the many bokeh video applications circulating on the Google Play Store.

For those of you who are just learning to become a YouTuber or vlogger, you don't need a lot of capital. Simply by downloading one of the many video editing applications, you can produce very special content.

What are the most recommended blur video applications for YouTubers? Here is the explanation:

  1. Square Video application

The number of users of this first application is no longer in doubt, because the rating has reached 4.8 on the Google Play Store. This application, which was released on October 16, 2015, can spoil its users thanks to the features available in it.

The developer also continuously updates or updates the application. The goal is that users can find features that match their content needs. One of them is the effect of bokeh or blur.

If you don't know what features are available in the Square Video application, you must refer to the following reviews:

  • Features in the form of cutting music or songs as desired. In addition, users can also put music in a certain part of the video that is being edited.
  • You can add music effects that are in the mobile playlist.
  • Video playback can be done with a choice of angles, either vertical or horizontal. You can set it as you wish.
  • Users can set the background with a wide selection of color effects that can be adjusted to the video theme.
  • Can change the background to bokeh very easily.
  • Features in the form of real-time editing and users can immediately see the results.
  1. Bokeh Effect Video Maker application

Editing videos without filters and effects is definitely lacking. Even the video display is less attractive. Luckily for those of you who are familiar with this video bokeh effect video maker application.

The reason is because anyone who uses this application can feel the sensation when making videos directly. Making videos with interesting effects and filters is not an easy job.

Even professionals take hours to come up with an interesting idea from the video that is being edited. Moreover, with the help of this application, processing video results is not difficult and faster.

Coupled with the use of features that you can set yourself according to your needs. The following features are owned by Effec Video Maker, including:

  • Make it easier for users when they want to share their edited videos to several social media directly from the Effec Video Maker application.
  • Video result storage has high quality and GIF or MP4 format.
  • The power consumed is lower than other applications.
  • Users do not need an internet connection when accessing.
  • This application provides a wide selection of effects that have high quality. So that the results of the video are more perfect and look natural.
  • Can be run for free.
  1. The Mago Video application

Thanks to the use of Mago Video, its users really look like professional YouTubers. It's no secret that Mago Video provides all the conveniences when it comes to making videos. Even you will never run out of ideas to pour in the process of making bokeh videos.

The reason is because of the many filter effects and features in it. If you are curious about what features are available, please refer to the following explanation:

  • Features for video trimming.
  • Flip video or mirror.
  • The ratio feature is available in 3 options so that users can determine according to their needs, such as the ratio of 4: 5, 1: 1 and 16: 9.
  • Users find it easier to make slow motion or slow motion videos. In addition, there is also a feature in the form of making videos with fast movements.
  • Mix or combine video editor to produce interesting videos with several other effect options.
  • Available video effects with magic touch.
  • Users can take advantage of the slide feature so they can add music, photos and other effects to the edited video.
  • Videos can be shared directly via social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or YouTube.
  1. Blur Video and Image

It's no secret that behind its very simple appearance, many are interested in using the Blur video and Image application. This is because it is easy to use for beginners or professionals. Blur Video and Image also offers super complete features.

For more details, here are the features in question:

  • User friendly interface.
  • A feature in the form of a screen swipe so that it is easier for users when they want to blend certain parts of a photo or video, simply by wiping it, the parts will be blended automatically.
  1. Google Camera application

Compared to some of the applications above, Google Camera is also an application that is no less exciting. This is because there are many effects and features that can be used for free. For YouTubers who want a feature in the form of videobokeh, there will certainly be no trouble.

In addition to the available lens blur effect, Google Camera also provides optimal HD quality which can make the application widely used by video editors. But unfortunately this Google Camera application can only be used for Google smartphone users.

The following features that can be enjoyed in the Google Camera application include:

  • Features with super good HD quality.
  • Optimal blue-ray lens effect is available.
  • A feature for editing videos with the addition of a very dazzling bokeh effect.
  • There are various filter and effect options available to make the video look natural and different.
  1. AfterFocus application

The AfterFocus application is no longer in doubt when it comes to blur or bokeh filters. Many YouTubers are interested in using this popular application because of its advantages. AfterFocus features that are ready to pamper YouTubers, namely:

  • There are two options, namely AfterFocus Pro and AfterFocus free.
  • There is a free mode feature that makes users feel free to edit videos without being overwhelmed.
  • The tool swipe feature on the photo or video screen when you want to add a blur effect as desired.
  • Can determine the background position as needed.

For business bokeh videos, it is indeed an interesting thing for YouTubers to create them. The effect of blur or bokeh is indeed the main attraction, because it can focus on the main object. Even more so for videos or photos that have a lot of distracting views.

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