Don’t forget to check the dbs of your new employees before recruiting

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The issue of security and original identity is quite old now in case of recruiting new employees in jobs in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the situation is the same for the employees or at least aspirants who are trying to place themselves in a good company with a justified salary for their services. But in both the cases, the identity theft remains an issue, as the people served their terms in jail for earlier crimes or the companies black listed in the market for not paying the due to their employees for long are just introduction of the bigger problem that may arise later.

What is DBS?

Disclosure and barring service (DBS) is a non-departmental public body initiated by the UK Government’s Home Office. The service provides the Government, private and public body’s necessary documents to help in the process of recruiting someone new in the job from the aspirants. The service actually checks the aspirant’s credibility and whether he/she is suitable for the job or not. If the job-seeker has any specific criminal record to check or not is another purpose of their job, as that will decide whether he/she can be appointed to do any job within England and Wales or not.

DBS checking services

You can go for an online dbs check as the service provides solutions within 48 hours and you can avail their services just for just 29 pound in the starting. These tools are one in all solutions for the checking of Disclosure and Barring Services. You can register for the service absolutely free and then the organizational set-up should be provided for further assistance. The service enables you to make safer decisions while recruiting. The HR Managers of companies remain very useful in such processes, as they make the employee or new recruit undergo such a checking process for examining his/her track record, and criminal record if there is any. The registration for such services should be done from the company’s side for better outcomes.

Types of DBS

There is various kind of checking for the DBS, some of them are-

  • Basic DBS Check
  • Standard DBS Check
  • Enhanced DBS Check
  • DBS Check for individual
  • DBS update services and others

DBS Check for organizations/Individuals

The organizations while registering themselves for the services can also check their own DBS. This will be helpful for the organization only as that will inform them the exact position they are standing at in the market scenario, because other companies will check their DBS too before investing into the organization or before going into any collaboration. In the same way, any individual willing to place his/her candidature for any job in the UK can check their own DBS through the professional services to make it show in their application with confidence at the time of interview.

Several online services are currently providing the service of checking DBS for making the jobs, companies and the future of both the parties secure. So, you just need to find the best service to check DBS of both the sides and then decide.


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