Top 5 Patent Myths That We Must Know

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When we think about whether our product or idea can be patented or not, we also think about other things. So, in this article, we gonna discuss some important myths about patents and its process. So, you can clear your thoughts and vision regarding your product or idea.

1. You need a patent in order to sell your product.

Now, this one is just patently untrue. In fact, the majority of products sold are not patented. To be patentable, an invention or product must be unique, non-obvious to those skilled in the art, and useful.

Spend some time poking around in the stores and you will find that oftentimes the most unique or useful thing about something you buy is the packaging, not the product itself and that the PACKAGING is what’s patented!

A patent is not a license to make and sell the product. It is a legal instrument of ownership of the underlying intellectual property found in the product. Get it?

And if you still not get it, just get in touch with patent experts like InventHelp and get things clear. You can learn how InventHelp’s team can help you here:

2. The patent office will enforce my patent rights once I get a patent on my product.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Nobody, repeat – nobody, is going to enforce your rights except YOU. So, before you make obtaining patent protection your top priority for your invention, you best understand that it is your pockets that would be funding the legal expedition to try and litigate an infringement case.

3. The smartest thing to do is get a patent, so that way you’ll always have it.

This is sort of like thinking that the smartest thing to do would be taken out an insurance policy for a car that you haven’t finished building in your garage – that way you’ll have the insurance in case you ever finish and drive the car.

A clear case of the cart before horse thinking.

4. Once the product is patented, no one else can make a similar or competitive product.

Anybody with the physical capability and market resources to make and sell your product can do so unless you stop them by either:

A) beating them to or in the marketplace
B) win and injunction in court to stop them from making and selling the product.

The worst part about this conundrum is – if they are infringing on your patent and they are selling lots of them – they are making money to fight you with using your intellectual property!

However, this is where you really do have rights and there are options to prevent or stop this kind of problem. Thus, it is better to professional help, read this article: to learn how professional patent firm, InventHelp can get your invention/idea patent and get it marketed as well.

5. Companies won’t review your invention without a patent.

This is not so much a myth as it is an inaccurate statement. Many companies rely upon an inventor having secured a patent as a means to:

A) Qualify the prospective licensors to just those who are actually in a position to do business with the company.
B) Protect themselves from frivolous complaints and lawsuits from severely misguided inventors who accuse them of stealing their invention.
C) Push off the cost of intellectual property rights management so that they don’t have to pay it.

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