Seven Creative Rules to Add Excitement to Your Next Golf Event

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There are thousands of charity golf tournaments across this great country of ours each year.  Each has their own venue, sells sponsorships, has great hole in one insurance prizes, a raffle and a dinner and awards ceremony.  When it comes to format, most events play a scramble which is the most popular among charity golf tournaments and sometimes gets a bit stale so we have created five idea’s/rules that will liven up any charity golf event.

Use Each Players Drive Twice

This is a classic that never goes out of style. This rule will force each team to use each players tee shot at least twice during the day.  This sometimes equals out the playing field as some players that are not strong drivers of the ball really feel the pressure to perform.  Many times, the higher handicap golfers’ drives are used on the par three holes as they are shorter in length.

One Club Hole

This is a fun idea that makes you think a bit.  On a hole in the tournament, make your players pick one club in their bag and play the entire hole with that club.  Each player will have their own strategy and thought behind which club they choose based on their ability.

Putt with a SledgeHammer

This is one of my favorites and your golfers will love the creativity. Pick a green on the course, maybe a par five hole and require the players to putt with a sledgehammer and watch the fun ensue. It is challenging and fun at the same time and an experience that your golfers will not soon forget.

Yellow Ball

Each foursome receives a yellow ball at the start of the tournament.  Each group will pick a tee off rotation and each player will have to use the yellow ball for the entire hole when its their turn.  If each team successfully does this and the golfer/team does not lose the yellow ball and turns it in with their scorecard, they get a designated number of strokes subtracted from their final score.

Progressive Scramble

I really like this format, but sometimes explaining the scoring to your participants can be a bit confusing.  It is much like a traditional scramble in that each player hits a shot from the best drive and same spot, but when you get on the green, it is a whole different story.  Let’s say that the team has a putt for birdie and the first player makes the putt, great, a birdie and move on, right? Wrong…  The two, three and four golfers still putt for the birdie and if they make the putt, they can go multiple under on the hole.  If two players make the putt, they would put down a two on the scorecard if it was a par four hole.  Once players understand the scoring, it is a very fun format that can produce some low scores.

The Move Back

This one is an oldie, but goodie.  The teams start at the proper color tees designated by the tournament.  If they make a birdie, they move back a set of tees.  If they make another birdie, they move back again, however if they do not perform and make a par or bogie, they move up a set of tees.  Sometimes this format evens out the teams as the stronger teams are usually playing a longer course and the weaker teams are playing a shorter course.

Old Technology Hole

There are a few ways that you can incorporate this idea into your event. 

  1. Pick one hole out on the course and have the players use a driver from twenty or thirty years ago to tee off and watch the laughter ensue as they struggle to hit clubs that are half the size of what they are used to. I like using this one on a par five where the drive is so important.
  2. Get an old putter like a Titleist Bullseye or similar and have your golfers use that to putt on a green.
  3. If you really want to torture your golfers, get your hands on a hickory shaft golf club and let them see what golf was like in the 1800’s in Scotland. Have them play the entire hole with that club and reward a prize for the team with the lowest score on that hole as well.

Charity golf events are meant to be fun and exciting.  Any of the above-mentioned formats would be welcomed by your participants with open arms and get them talking about your creativity.  There are also other things that you can add such as valuable prizes for a hole in one by utilizing hole in one insurance or a golf ball cannon from a company like NATIONWIDE Hole in One.  Here you will find many prize packages and useful information that will make your next golf tournament a smashing success.  Their website is

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